Trade Show, Cube

16 February 2019

TRADE SHOW 03 is presented by the Centre for Plausible Economies and Feral Trade:

A host of RADMIN delegates showcase their wares.

Trade Show 03 is a group exhibition where artists claim and reclaim trade as a cultural and political realm by producing their own shops, swaps, stalls, deals, value chains, exchange centres and distribution systems.

At Trade Show 03 we reconsider business itself as an art material, an interface for everyday creativity, a unit of investigation, meaning-making and radical work.

‘Trade Show’ started in 2013 as a collaborative effort to reclaim trade as a foremost cultural realm, where we set our relationships with others, including mother earth.

Organised by Kate Rich (Feral Trade) and Kathrin Böhm (Centre for Plausible Economies)