An Endless Supply

An Endless Supply, ‘Icon of courageous and forceful printing (after Eric Gill)’, 2011

Trade Show Signage & Website

18 Correx printed signs, each 244 × 122 mm

An Endless Supply designed the website for Trade Show and a set of shop signs for the façade and interior of the building during the exhibition. Their designs extend visuals used in everyday trading situations which have not yet received a full corporate visual ID makeover. They are a mix between make-shift DIY graphics, subtle messages which subvert the serious corporate and joyful public messages.

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An Endless Supply is a graphic design studio and occasional publisher based in Birmingham, UK, organised by Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham. The studio works across print and digital platforms and possible mergers between the two.

In 2013 An Endless Supply was awarded Birmingham Made Me’s Best Midlands Emerging Designer.

Recent projects and publications range from the design of the Coniston Honest Shop, Code of Honour (2013), a billboard commission for Eastside Projects and the web-design for How to work together, an ongoing research and exhibition programme by three independent artist spaces.