Tapp- und Tast-Kino (Tap and Touch Cinema)


Tap and Touch Cinema belongs to VALIE EXPORT’s early guerilla performances which attained an iconic status in art history. VALIE EXPORT wore a tiny ‘movie theater’ around her naked upper body, so that her body could not be seen but could be touched by anyone reaching through the curtained front and into the dark of her mobile ‘theater.’ Tap and Touch Cinema was performed in the street and all passers-by, men, women, and children, were invited to ‘tap and touch’.

Tapp- und Tast-Kino (Tap and Touch Cinema) was performed in ten European cities between 1968–71.

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VALIE EXPORT’s work comprises video environments, digital photography, installation, body performances, feature films, experimental films, documentaries, expanded cinema, conceptual photography, body-material interactions, persona performances, laser installations, objects, sculptures, texts on contemporary art history and feminism.

In 1967 she invented her artist name VALIE EXPORT, an artistic concept and logo to be written in capital letters only.

VALIE EXPORT is a prolific pioneer of conceptual media art, performance and film. She lives and works in Vienna. Her works are included in international collections like Centro Pompidou, Paris, Tate Modern, London, Reine Sophia, Madrid, MoMA, New York, MOCA, Los Angeles.