The Bristol Art Library

Now in its 20th year, The Bristol Art Library is a fully functioning public library housed in a wooden cabinet the size of a small suitcase. Annabel Other, the artist, created the library in 1998 and is the Head Librarian. The library’s volumes cover a wide range of subjects, from palaeontology to astronomy, with 300 books (all 5 in x 4 in) made by artists and practitioners from all areas of the arts and sciences.

Membership of Bristol Art Library is free, and once you have joined and received your manilla reader’s ticket you may visit the library and peruse its volumes anywhere in the world. The library now has 12 000 members, a gift shop and a friends’ organisation FOTBAL (Friends of The Bristol Art Library).

Being portable, the library can travel to almost any location in the world, Although the library often appears at museums, galleries and arts centres, it is equally at home in venues such as private houses, hotel lobbies and the waiting area of a hairdressers

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