Den Haag, 20 september 2018.
Deliveroo brengt aardappels naar Grey Space in the Middle. Onderdeel van TodaysArt om aandacht te vestigen op kleinschalig transport zijn de toekomst
Foto Martijn Beekman / gemeente Den Haag

TOFU (TECHNOLOGY OF FUTURE UTOPIA) currently focuses on artistic intervention into logistics systems. Having a strong doubt of the question “Who’s your customer?”, we are now devising a successful business model without target customers. We call this a contingent business.

Our primary project is Single Container Transport, a novel concept for deep-sea shipping where each vessel only carries a single standard-sized shipping container (1 TEU), instead of stacking them high up to more than 20,000 TEU.

In autumn 2018, we moved a potato mountain by Deliveroo.

Customer-based businesses may perhaps produce more waste than contingent businesses.

Rather than choosing specific people/businesses to serve, contingent businesses harness already-existing externalities to build a supply chain.

Like the Japanese saying 風が吹けば桶屋が儲かる (When the wind blows, Cooper is profitable), seemingly unrelated matters could get connected to cause an unexpected consequence. By utilising ever more accurate geolocation technology and cheap sensors, this probability can be finely adjusted, giving the right amount of contingency.

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